Admiralty Dive Center is the largest
dive shop on the Olympic Peninsula at
1700 sq. feet of retail, classroom, and
service space. In addition Admiralty
Dive maintains a cleaning station,
a dedicated fill room with
independent air intake, and a
separate compressor room for your
safety and comfort. Air and Nitrox are
always available, call ahead for argon
and tri-mix.
Port Townsend is known for many
things, Victorian architecture,
classic wooden ships, and the arts.
What you may not know is that we
have some of the best diving in the
Pacific Northwest in our backyard.
The variety of diving sites, ease of
access, and abundant sea life keep
people diving weekend after
A New Way to Keep in Touch
Brett, a recent graduate has set up a new
online community for us to join and use to
keep in touch regarding dives, activities, and
other fun stuff that comes up in all our lives.
Since it's a community it means we all get to
participate and share when we are going
diving or if we are looking for a buddy.
Check it out here!

Fun in Port Townsend
Recently folks have been coming in to the
shop and asking lots of questions about
where to dive with Point Hudson all torn up.
Check out the Dive Sites link and see other
fun places to dive. For those of you with a
favorite spot not listed, shoot us an email
with the details and we will get it up on the

Further your Learning
Come join us for a Nitrox class, where you
can take the course, get in a dive, and get
certified to use Nitrox in the future. If you are
over 40 and going deeper than 40ft, then you
really should consider Nitrox. Stop by and
see why.

Equipment Specials
As you all know we are the best prices in the
region, and will work very hard to make sure
you are happy with what you bought and
that you leave with a few dollars in your
wallet. And we have some great new gear at
amazing prices. Check out the new Oceanic
Neo regulator, we are getting in the new
Oceanic dive computer, the OC1, and we've
got the new purple Atomic Aquatics split fins!

2110 Lawrence St.
Port Townsend, WA 98368